Just Me and You


Pairing: Peter Quill x Reader

Author: @star-pratt

Words: 1735

Author’s Note: I finally FINALLY finished this! It’s been sitting in my docs for months and months on end. I got  request for Peter with the prompt, “are you implying that you want to kiss me?” ENJOY! 🙂

I’ve been
riding along with the guardians of the galaxy for about a year. Peter allowed
me to join the team after I had helped them fight against Ronan and almost died
for it. Ronan had slammed me into a wall with his hammer, fracturing a bone in
my leg and Peter had taken care of me for almost three months. In the time that
Quill was taking care of me, both of us got to know each other a bit and
learned that we were both taken from Yondu and his ravagers. We basically
became best friends and it’s the first best friend I’ve had since I have been
taken from Terra.

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