Just Me and You

Pairing: Peter Quill x Reader

Author: @star-pratt

Words: 1735

Author’s Note: I finally FINALLY finished this! It’s been sitting in my docs for months and months on end. I got  request for Peter with the prompt, “are you implying that you want to kiss me?” ENJOY! 🙂

I’ve been
riding along with the guardians of the galaxy for about a year. Peter allowed
me to join the team after I had helped them fight against Ronan and almost died
for it. Ronan had slammed me into a wall with his hammer, fracturing a bone in
my leg and Peter had taken care of me for almost three months. In the time that
Quill was taking care of me, both of us got to know each other a bit and
learned that we were both taken from Yondu and his ravagers. We basically
became best friends and it’s the first best friend I’ve had since I have been
taken from Terra.

I woke up with
a kink in my neck, groaning as I sat up on the dingy old mattress. Fucking
hell. I tried to stretch my neck a bit, letting out a small scream as the pain
surged through my body. I heard footsteps quickly running towards my room,
Peter bursting into the room in just his boxers, blasters in hand.

happened? Are you okay?” He asked, looking around my room and I chuckled
lightly, silently checking him out. Damn, Peter. Damn.

“It’s this
fucking mattress. There’s no support whatsoever, so I ended up hurting my neck…
again.” I muttered, rubbing the back of it, trying to get the knots undone.
Peter sighed in relief, placing his blasters on my dresser before walking over
to me.

“Jesus, you
gave me a fright.” He muttered, placing his hands on my neck and shoulders,
massaging the spot softly. I fluttered my eyes shut, gripping my sheets tightly
as I let out a small moan.

“Oh my god,
Peter.” I groaned, knowing how dirty it sounds, but it feels so good.

“Never thought
I’d hear those words come out of your mouth.” Peter chuckles and I roll my
eyes, giggling softly.

“Sorry, it’s
just… your hands are amazing.” I bit my lip, leaning back towards him. “I’m not
sleeping in this bed again.”

alright. We’ll get rid of the bed and you can just take mine until we get you a
new one.” Peter quietly told me, continuing his magic on my neck.

“Peter… where
would you sleep? I’m not making you sleep you sleep on the floor or in your
piloting chair.” I muttered, my head hanging down as his thumb dug into my
skin. “If your bed is big enough, you can sleep there with me. I don’t bite,
hard.” I chuckled, taking my lip between my teeth.

“You sure
about sharing a bed? I mean, I’m not going to turn down such an offer. Plus,
both of us will get a good sleep if we share.” His fingers disappeared from the
back of my neck and I turned around, glancing up at him as he had a genuine
smile on his lips, his beautiful pink lips.

“Yes, Peter.
I’m sure sharing a bed with you isn’t the worst thing in the world.” I grinned,
watching as he got off the bed.

He began to
rub the back of his neck, hearing a crash coming from above us and he groaned,
shaking his head. Peter rushed out of the room as I stayed sitting on this
stupid concrete block of a mattress, hearing him yell at Rocket.

I walk over to
the closet, pulling out a pair of black leggings, white tank top and my deep
burgundy leather jacket Peter got me a few months ago. After slipping my boots
on, I head up to the main area of the ship where everyone is, muttering a good
morning as I walk towards the pilot seat.

I glanced out
the window, enjoying the beauty of the galaxy in front of us. Jumping slightly
when I felt a hand on my back. I glanced behind me, seeing Peter standing there
as I moved to the side so he can get to his pilot seat. “So, Peter, where are
we going exactly?” I asked, resting my hands on his shoulders.

He leaned his
head back, grinning at me. “We are going wherever you want, beautiful.” Peter
winked before looking back at the galaxy and I could feel my cheeks heat up.

“U-Uhm, well I
honestly don’t care where we go… as long as I’m with you.” I muttered, leaning
my chin against his head, clasping my hands around his neck. One of his hands
left the steering wheel, wrapping his fingers around my forearm.

“Well, we
could head to Xander and go out to dinner or somethin’?” Peter asked me and my
heartbeat picked up, glancing down at the back of his head.

“I-Sure, that
sounds good.” I smiled, softly running my fingers over his broad chest. “Should
I tell the rest the plans?” I asked and he shook his head, my eyebrows
furrowing together in confusion.

“No, I uh just
wanted it to be us. If that’s okay with you.” He muttered, glancing back at me
as I saw his cheeks were dusted pink. I bit my lip, nodding my head a bit and
he let out a sigh of relief, tapping my arm before returning it to the wheel.

I walked back
towards the kitchen area, seeing Gamora sitting at the table, bobbing her head
to the music Peter had playing throughout the ship. I sat down across from her,
giving her a smile when she looked up at me.

“Hey, Y/N.”
Gamora grinned. “Did Peter finally make up his mind on where we’re going?” She
asked and my cheeks flushed, nodding my head slowly.

“Uh, yeah.
We’re going to Xandar. Peter… he uh, wants to go out to dinner there.” I told
her, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. Gamora smirked, noticing my
nervousness as she placed a hand on mine.

“Oh finally
making a move, huh?” She laughed, winking at me as my eyes widened, not knowing
what she meant.

Making a move? No, no. It’s not like that.” I stuttered, shaking my head.

Gamora was
about to disagree with me when Peter began shouting towards us, “we made it to
Xandar! Landing now.”

“Look, I know
how you feel about Peter and let me tell you, just… go for it.” She advised me,
smiling softly at me before leaving the table, going to tell the others where
we are.

Is Peter
actually making a move? Wait, how I feel about Peter? H-He’s only my friend…
yeah, my friend. I groaned, placing both hands on my head, squeezing my eyes
tightly. The ship came to a stop, glancing towards the front to see that we
have parked on one of the landing pads as Peter walked towards me.

“Hey, ready?”
He asked me and I nodded hesitantly. “Guys, Y/N and I are going out, we’ll be
back later!” Peter called out, taking my hand before getting out of the ship.

The two of us
walked through the city of Xandar, having it been almost a year since the big
fight that happened here. They had done a lot of construction since then and it
almost looks back to the way it was before Ronan tried to take it over. Peter
and I’s hands were still intertwined, glancing down at them every now and then
before looking up at Peter.

We got back to
the ship after an amazing dinner, both of us laughing up a storm from a joke he
had told me. We made our way to his room, trying to keep my laughs quiet since
we didn’t get back until after dark. I sat down on his bed, groaning happily as
I felt how soft it is, feeling slightly jealous.

“How come you
get the good bed?” I asked, laughing slightly as I laid my back against it.

“Uh, well if
you didn’t know,” Peter leaned above me, whispering in my ear, “it’s my ship.”
I bit my lip, my heartbeat beating rapidly as he was inches above my face.

“Well have you
heard of sharing is caring?” I asked, looking into his eyes as he stared back.
He shrugged his shoulders in response.

“I’m sharing
now.” Peter grinned, his pink lips looking soft as fuck. My eyes kept glancing
down towards them, my hands resting on his torso.

“Your lips
look really soft,” I whispered, staring at them completely as he laughed.

“Are you implying that you want to kiss me?” He asked, his thumb softly
rubbing my cheekbone.

I licked my
lips slightly, my hands gliding up his chest, wrapping them around his
shoulders. “Is that a bad thing?” I asked, thinking back to what Gamora said.
Just go for it.

He shook his
head quickly, his eyes looking down at my lips for a split second. “No, not at
all. To be honest… I’ve been dying to kiss you.”

My breath
hitched in my throat, his face leaning down closer to mine as my heart felt
like it’s going to beat out of my chest. I tilt my head to the side slightly,
connecting our lips together in a soft and gentle kiss. My fingers run through
his hair, gripping the ends of it lightly as he moved his lips against mine.
One of Peter’s hand rested on my waist as the other was placed over my head,
stabling himself above me.

He pulled away
from me, both of us breathing heavier as my eyes stayed shut for a few seconds.
I glanced up at him through my eyelashes, lips parted before leaning up a bit
to kiss him again. Peter let out a small groan, his hand moving to my neck,
gliding towards the back of my head as I nibbled on his bottom lip.

The two of us
abruptly pull away as another crash was heard above us. I sighed, growing a bit
of hate towards whoever did that as the room was filled with breathing.

“I’m gonna go
find out what that was… it was most likely Rocket.” Peter mumbled, getting off
of me as I sat up. I leaned my hands back on the bed, grinning like an idiot as
he quickly pecked my lips before going up the small set of stairs.

God Peter…
you are truly something else.
I think, laying back on the bed, touching my lips softly, a
tingly feeling lingering on them. I couldn’t be any more in love with you.