Today… I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer…..



It is with a heavy heart I type this…. but not because I am sad… but because my heart is full of fucking fight.

All these health worries these last few months… has been Cancer. It is tricky because my body is fighting this so hard already that it’s not even showing that It’s giving an inch in my labs. but I have 6cm tumor growing from my thyroid.

Treatment is going to aggressive and my family is already dealing with my son’s health issues. Now we have mine on top of them and my husband isn’t going to be able to go back to work for the foreseeable future because not only will he have to take over care of our son and the house… but me as well.

So we started a go fund me and could use all the love and support of this amazing community as I fight this battle. I know we can get the whole TWD family to support us even if it is just with thoughts and prayers.

I am fighting this fight with FULL PISSED OFF NEGAN power… and am kinda taking my most beloved character on as my spirit animal in this fight. I am sutting this Cancer DOWN…. NO FUCKING EXCEPTIONS.

I have too much to live for and too much fight in me.


Please reblog, tweet, share on facebook, tag people if you want I don’t care…

I am trying to get this story out there. My family has faught none stop for my son’s health for 5 years… I put my own on the back burner to save my son and keep him alive and now I need to focus on mine so I can get back to being his mom again.

ps… if anyone tweets this at Jeff, Norman, Steve, Austin or anyone else you may think might retweet it and get involved… I will love you forever… I know those guys have huge hearts and I am dying to go to Walker Stalker… it’s my damn dream to be able to go and meet all my favorite boys. It’s a huge motivation for me during this fight to be able to finally go to a con at the end of it all.. I am not on Twitter but I am on Instagram ( IG: mommyofasuperhero – I will be posting updates on there and here ) and on FB which you can find on the gofundme page.

I ain’t going down like Lucille… NOT THIS WIFE OF NEGAN! We are going to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

Thank you SOOOOOO much…

Jane (Tierney Jane actually… tbh)