i got my blog terminated last year for copyright infringement basically for posting candids of celebs, my tips for those who are still posting

  • dont post the original hq photo, they’re much easier to track down
  • if you edit, change dimensions, cut some parts, use brightness and other stuff to make it look different than the original, some paps sell photos to different agencies so that way itll be harder to identify
  • dont use the same caption as the source agency you took that photo from, it’s easier to be found
  • from my experience, once they find one post of yours, either its old or new, they’ll be checking your blog constantly so if you got at least one warning from tumblr be careful, change captions or delete your posts, save your url and dont post this kind of stuff on your main blog cause theyll come after you and after 3 strikes your blog will be deleted
  • be careful yall