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A Friend Thing To Do

Pairing: Owen Grady x Reader

Author: @star-pratt

Words: 1510

Request: For the sentence prompt thing could you please do Owen Grady: “I kind of wanna make out with you. Is that a friend thing to do?” by @multifandommarvel0214

Author’s Note: This is cute and angsty so, ya know, enjoy!! Thanks to my amazing friend @lovelydob for proofreading this for me!!


You were
sitting in your room, scrolling through your emails when one had stuck out to
you the most. Jurassic World Management. You furrowed your eyebrows
together, clicking on it as the e-mail loaded. Your eyes scanned the words, jaw
dropping as you got out of your chair, dancing around your room while
screaming. A knock on your door made you go quiet as you walk towards it, opening
it to see your mom standing on the other side, her arms crossed.

“Y/N, what are
you screaming about?” She asked and you smiled widely, jumping up and down a

“I-I got the
job at Jurassic World, mom. I’m going to be one of the raptor trainers!” You
squealed and she grinned, pulling you into a hug.

amazing, darling. Have you told Owen yet?” She asked and your eyes widened,
shaking your head. You went over to your desk, grabbing your phone off the
surface before dialing his number, pressing the phone against your ear.

“Y/N? Hey,
what’s up?”
asked as he was running a towel through his hair as he had just gotten out of
the shower.

“Owen! You’re
not going to believe this,” you muttered, the smile never leaving your lips as
you heard him chuckle.

“Well, are
you going to tell me?”
Owen laughed, pressing his phone between his ear and shoulder as
he pulled on a pair of boxers. You smiled, looking to the floor as you got a
little lost in his voice before shaking your head of the thoughts.

“Of course,
calm yo tits.” You chuckled, continuing, “I got an email from the management
team of Jurassic World, and guess who’s going to be their new raptor trainer?”
You asked, taking your bottom lip between your teeth, waiting for him to

eyebrows furrowing together, glancing at his laptop, seeing the Jurassic World
e-mail he got, wondering how she knew he got the job. “Um, me?” He asked,
confused. Your eyebrows furrowed together, your breath hitching a bit as you
read over the e-mail. You’ll be working with another trainer. “Y/N?”
Owen asked as silence came from your end as your eyes has widened.

“O-Owen, did
you get a job as a raptor trainer?” You asked and heard a small “yeah,” come
from his end. “O-Oh my god. We’re gonna be working together!” You smiled
widely, jumping around the room as your mom watched from the door shaking her
head as she thought how obvious it was that you liked him.

This is great! I haven’t seen you in a long time since I’ve joined the Navy.
This is absolutely great!”
Owen smiled, looking at the picture frame on his desk, seeing the
picture of the two of you that your mom took before Owen had first left for
training. “So, I guess I’ll see you this weekend in Costa rica.” He
smiled, his heart fluttering a bit.

definitely!” You smiled, nibbling on your lip. “I’m really excited to be
working with my best friend.” Owen frowned at your words, his heart sinking as
he nodded his head, letting out an inaudible sigh.

“Y-Yeah! I
gotta go though. I’ll talk to you soon.”
Owen muttered and we bid each other goodbye
before hanging up. You sat down on your chair, smiling to yourself.

You walked off
the plane, looking around at the foreign land in front of you. You became a
little nervous as you walked through the airport, looking for Owen. You
frowned, looking all over the place for him as you don’t find him and you sat
down in one of the chairs, looking down at your phone, seeing no no messages or
calls from him.

“Y/N!” Owen
yelled and you looked up, seeing Owen standing a feet in front of you and your
jaw drops. Holy mother of God. He’s gotten way more attractive since you
last saw him. Sandy brown hair, those amazing green eyes, pinkish lips, and
that stubble. Fuck the stubble. You stood up from the chair, walking towards
him as you wrapped your arms around his neck, his arms wrapping around your

“Wow, Owen.
You’ve gotten buffer!” You chuckled and he smiled, flexing a bit. “You’ve got
to have a girlfriend wrapped around your arm.” You smiled at him and Owen
shrugged his shoulder, a little upset that you’re friendzoning him. Both of us
started walking out of the building, heading towards the boat that will bring
us to Isla Nublar.

You’ve been
working at Jurassic World for almost two years now and it’s been the absolute
best two years of my life. You had lived in Owen’s bungalow since Claire, the
manager, found out that we were close and sometimes it was awkward. You’d have
guys over when he came home after hanging out with Barry and he always looked
angry, going straight to our room, slamming the door shut. You didn’t think anything
of it, since you didn’t think he would be bothered by you having guy friends
over. Yes, they would all try to get with you and you noticed very early on
when they talked to you, but you wanted friends other than Barry and Owen.

You parked
your car near the raptor paddock, getting out of it and you walked towards it,
seeing Owen with Blue, muttering something with her as her head’s locked up.
Owen felt eyes on him as he glanced past his shoulder, seeing you and he gives
you a small smile, which you return before his attention is brought back to

“God, Blue,
you have no idea how badly I just want to kiss her, but she basically friend
zoned me, more than once.” Owen sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose as he
began to get frustrated. “What do you think I should do? Tell her or just be
friends with her?” He asked and Blue glanced to the side, Owen following her
gaze and sees you standing on top of the platform talking to the new guy, Carl.
Carl had his arm wrapped around your waist as he told you some sort of joke.
You laughed, but Owen could tell it was fake as he narrowed his eyes at Carl,
getting off of the ground, leaving the cage as he walked up towards the

“Oh, Owen!”
You called out, getting out of Carl’s arms as you walked towards him, smiling
at him. “I’m so glad you’re here.” You muttered and Owen glanced down at you
then up at Carl as he looked scared, walking away from the both of you.

“Y/N…” He
sighed and you looked up at him, worried a bit as he looked like he was having
an inner battle with himself. “I kinda wanna make out with you. Is that a
friend thing to do?”
Your lips parted in surprise at his words, cheeks
beginning to flush. Owen took a step closer to you and your heart skipped a
beat as your breath hitched in your throat. Is this actually happening?

“I-It’s not a
friend thing to do, but I wouldn’t mind…” You trailed off, seeing the smile
come onto Owen’s lips as his hand reached out towards you, resting on your hips
as he brought you closer to him. You swallowed thickly, getting more never as
he looked into my eyes, leaning his face closer to yours. Your eyes begin to
flutter shut once you felt his soft lips brush against yours, your hands
reaching out to grip the vest he was wearing. Owen closed the gap between the
two of you, one of your arms wrapping around his neck and into his hair. He
wrapped both hands around your waist, his mind swarming as he moved his lips
against yours, feeling your fingers glide through his hair. Owen licked your
bottom lip, wanting entrance as your lips parted, your tongues dancing
together. He pressed your body against his, getting lost in the kiss as you
pulled away, needing a little bit of air.

“Holy shit.”
Owen whispered, resting his forehead against yours as you attempted to calm your
heart rate, thoughts filled with the kiss the both of you just had. His thumb
rubbed against your cheekbone and you look up at him, figuring everything out.

“Is this why
you hated when I hung out with guys?” You asked and a blush covered his cheeks,
looking to the floor, groaning.

“Y-Yeah, of
course. I wanted you to myself.” He muttered and you smiled, pressing your
hands against his cheek as you pulled him into another kiss. You moved your
lips against his in the heated kiss and Owen’s arms wraps around your thighs,
picking you up as he walks us towards your car. He set your feet back on the
ground, pulling away from you as you both began to pant, your hands gripping
his biceps.

“Why don’t
we…head back to the bungalow.” Owen bit his lips as I nodded my head
repeatedly before getting into the car.

Falling in Love

Pairing: Josh Faraday x Reader

Author: @star-pratt

Words: 2606

Prompt: I told you not to fall in love with me.

Author’s Note: Alright, here’s the second one from the prompt list that I have divided that would fit Chris’ characters! I hope you guys enjoy it! Thanks to @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this and helping me with the idea. 🙂

Growing up
wasn’t that easy, especially when your father’s the sheriff. People would
always try to harm him and our family when he did something people didn’t like.
I didn’t have that many friends growing up, except one. His name was Joshua
Faraday and he was the most handsome kid in town. He was the only one who liked
me for me, not because my dad was the sheriff of the town. Josh actually seemed
afraid of my father, like he had done something wrong, but I didn’t care. As we
grew up, both of us became closer and it was a matter of time before I started
to develop feelings for him. Girls were always on his arms, being the handsome
and charming devil he is. Me being me, I always thought I would never have the
chance with him, especially when he always told me not to fall in love with
him. I could tell he was joking, but it did make me wonder why he always told
me that. Maybe he doesn’t want me to become heartbroken?

Over the past
couple years, well into our late teens, Josh and I would host card games with
the kids at our schoolhouse. Josh always managed to win, taking everyone’s
money they had stolen from their parents. One night, after we cleaned
everything up, I was leaning against the wall looking him over when I decided
to ask the question that’s always been on my mind.

“Josh?” I
asked and he turned around, smiling at me, a ‘hmm’ noise escaping his lips.
“H-How do you always win at these card games? We learned together and I’m never
that good.” Josh took a few steps towards me, his hand resting on my waist as
he leaned his head down, his lips pressing against the shell of my ear and my
breath hitched.

“Well, it’s
simple. My old man taught me a few things and I didn’t want you involved in
it,” He whispered into my ear and my eyebrows furrowed together in confusion as
he pulled away, smiling down at me. He walked over to the table where his
winnings were, taking half of it and handing it to me.

“J-Josh, I
can’t take this.” My lips parted, looking up at him as he closed my hand over
the money.

“Take it. I
want you to have it incase you need it, alright?” Josh asked and I nodded my
head, putting the money in the little knapsack I carried with me to these
events. “I gotta go but I’ll see you tomorrow.” He kissed me cheek before
walking out the door, leaving me standing still as my cheeks heated up,
blushing. Remember, don’t fall in love with me. How do you expect me not
to fall in love with you when you do shit like that?

Once we were
out of school and into the real world, Josh told me we should step up our card
games and attend the ones that were at the saloons, where people have guns and
would kill you if you screwed them over. I wasn’t very fond of the idea, but he
told me that I’d have nothing to worry about. That he’d protect me if anything
would happen. We walked in one night, my arm linked with his as my heartbeat
pounded against my chest. I heard a gunshot go off, making me jump, stepping
closer to Josh as he wrapped an arm around my waist, having a protective hold
on me as a guy at one of the card tables dropped dead, a couple people picking
him up, carrying him out of the building. I glanced up at Josh, seeing him
already looking down at me.

“It’s going to
be okay,” He mouthed, pressing a kiss to my head as my eyes fluttered shut, my
heart skipping a beat. God damnit, Faraday. I decided to sit this out,
letting Josh handle these maniacs as I stood behind him, one of the guys he’s
playing against dealing the cards to the five players. My hands rested against
his shoulders, watching him play, noticing one thing. He cheats? I
squeezed his shoulder and he glanced up at me, seeing the fearful look on my
face and he motioned me to sit on his lap, so I could be more comfortable. I’m
always more comfortable with him.
I blushed, the other men eyeing me as I
sat down on Josh’s lap, an arm wrapped around his neck. He lit up a cigar,
taking a few puffs from it as he blew out rings and I giggle, always amused
when he tried to show off his smoking skills.

Josh had won
all the card games, winning over a hundred dollars. He collected the money off
the table, bidding all the men with angry glances a goodnight as we left the
saloon. Josh had moved out of his parents house, owning a small house not that
far from the saloon and once we had gotten inside, I slapped his arm

“What the
fuck, Josh!” I yelled and he gripped my wrists so I stopped hitting him, his
eyes wide, looking confused.

“What? What’d
I do?” He asked and I glared at him. He knows exactly what he’s doing.
“Okay, okay, I know. I cheat, yes,” Josh sighed, taking his hat off, placing it
on the table, running a hand through his hair. “No one’s caught me yet. I’ll be

“Yeah, yet.
Josh, what if you do get caught and someone kills you for it!” Tears pooled, my
vision becoming blurry as I think of the consequences of his actions. Josh’s
face softened, pulling me into a hug and I bury my face into his chest, a few
tears sliding down my cheeks. I hugged him tightly, smelling the aftershave on
his neck as I let out a sigh, not wanting to leave his arms.

“Stay here
tonight. I don’t want you to walk home,” Josh muttered, pulling away from the
hug and my cheeks flushed, swallowing a bit as I stared up at him. “It’s too

would I sleep? The couch?” I asked and he shook his head, smirking a bit.

“No, of course
not. I can be a gentleman, sometimes. You’re going to sleep in the bed,” He
mentioned and my heart skipped a beat.

“So, you’re
sleeping on the couch?” I asked, my palms getting a little sweaty as he shook
his head, meaning he’s going to sleep in the bed as well, with me. Remember,
don’t fall in love with me.
“O-Oh, okay,” I stuttered, walking into the
bedroom, Josh not that far behind me.

He undid his
gun belt, pulling it off and placing it on the stand next to the bed for
safety. He pulled off his trousers, my gaze looking towards something else as I
felt my cheeks heat up. Josh pulled his dirty shirt over his head, revealing
his toned body as I tried desperately not to look.

“I’m going to
assume you need a shirt to sleep in? Unless you want to wear that pretty dress
of yours?” He winks and I become utterly confused by his flirtatious actions.
He’s always joking with me, telling me not to fall in love with him, but he’s
been flirting with me? You’re bringing me on a roller coaster, Mr. Faraday.

“Y-Yeah. A
shirt would be nice, Faraday,” I muttered, biting the inside of my cheek as he
rummaged through his dresser drawer, finding one before throwing it to me.

“Oh we’re on a
last name basis now, huh?” Josh smirked as I played with the fabric of his
shirt, giggling as I nodded my head. “I see how it is, L/N,” he chuckled,
leaving the room so I can change. I let out a breath, my heartbeat calming down
slightly as I untied my dress, pulling it off, placing it neatly on the dresser
before throwing his shirt over my head, the end of his shirt landing a little
past my thighs. Josh knocked on the door, asking me if it was okay to come back
inside, which I told him yes. He walked back inside, closing the door behind
him as his eyes landed on me, his lips parting. “Oh wow. You look absolutely
incredible in my clothes,” Josh breathed out, walking over to me as I looked to
the ground, taking my lip in between my teeth.

“Oh c’mon,
stop,” I muttered, sitting down on the bed, placing the wool blanket over my
legs, feeling the warmth of it.

“I’m being
serious,” he smiled, getting in next to me and we both lie down, facing each
other as my eyes begin to droop, getting tired quickly. “Goodnight, Y/N,” Josh
whispered, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear.

“Night, Josh,”
I mumbled, tiredness taking over me, falling asleep, feeling him pull me closer
to him.

I woke up the
next morning alone, Josh nowhere in sight and I began to worry a bit. I threw
the covers off of me, feeling the morning coldness hit my legs as I shivered a
bit. I walked out of the bedroom, noticing his hat and guns missing, meaning
that he already left the house. I went back into the bedroom, putting on my
dress and shoes on before heading out the door, on the hunt for Josh Faraday. I
searched throughout the small town, not finding him or his horse, Jack,
anywhere, getting more nervous by the second. Where could he be? I strolled
towards his parents house, hoping that he’s there. I walked up to their door,
knocking on it lightly as I waited for one of them to answer the door.

“Y/N? Hi
sweetie. What brings you by?” His mom asked, opening the door for me to come
inside. I walked in looking around a bit as I bit my lip.

“Hi, Mrs.
Faraday. I was wondering if you’ve seen Josh. Or, is he here?” I asked and she
frown, shaking her head no.

“He didn’t
tell you?” She asked and I shook my head, confused by what she means. “He had to
leave town, sweetie.” My breath hitched in my throat, eyes widening as my
heartbeat sped up, fear sinking in.

“Wh-What? Why?
I-I…” I stuttered, feeling a little dizzy as I almost fall over, his mother
catching me, bringing me over to the couch.

“Oh I’m sorry,
sweetie. I thought he would’ve told you. He tells you everything,” she
mentioned, going into the kitchen to grab some water for me.

“Did he tell
you where he was going?” I asked and she shook her head. I let out a groan,
leaning my head back, taking a sip of the water, getting up off the couch. “I
gotta go. I need to find him,” I muttered, giving her a quick hug before
walking out her door. I ran towards the sheriff’s office, busting through the
doors, looking for my father. “Dad!” I yelled, walking towards him and he
furrowed his eyebrows.

“Sweetie? What
are you doing here?” He asked and I shook my head, looking for a map, knowing
he had one.

“Where’s the
closest town?” I asked, rummaging through his desk drawers, finally finding a
map of the places around our small town. I laid it out on his desk, staring at
it like it’s a math test.

“This one
here, Ellensburg. Honey, why do you need to know this? What’s going on?” He
questioned and I folded up the map, placing it inside my bodice, glancing up at
him, letting out a sigh.

“Josh is gone
and if I know him well and he was leaving, he’d go to the nearest town, so I
have to go. Please let me do this. I-I need to tell him how I feel. I need to
be with him. I can’t live without him,” I cried, wiping the tears that slid
down my cheeks and he nodded his head, bringing me into a hug.

“Of course,
sweetie. Go get your man, alright?” I chuckled, nodding my head as I ran back
towards home, grabbing my horse from the stable, hopping onto it before riding
off to Ellensburg. Dad told me it would take a least a day and a half to get

I had finally
reached Ellensburg, noticing the ring of fence with a few horses inside of it
as I stroll past it, looking for the saloon. I get off my horse, tying it to
the pole before walking into the saloon, looking around for the certain cowboy,
seeing him at one of the card tables, a lady massaging his shoulders. His eyes
glanced towards the door, seeing me standing in it as his eyes widened,
straightening up a bit as he folded, laying his cards on the table, getting up
and begins to walk towards me. He gripped my arm, bringing me out of the saloon
into the small alleyway next to the building.

“What are you
doing here?” Josh growled, narrowing his eyes at me as I ripped my hand out of
his, pushing on his chest.

“How fucking
dare you, Faraday. You left town without even telling me. I thought I meant
more to you than that!” I yelled, punching his chest. “I searched through the
whole god damn town looking for you,” I muttered, pulling him into a hug. He
sighed, wrapping his arms around my waist. “I love you.”

“God dammit,
Y/N,” he murmured, pulling away from the hug, his hands resting on my
shoulders. “I told you not to fall in love with me,” he sighed, tucking
a piece of hair behind my ear, pressing a kiss to my forehead.

I looked up at
him, a smile on my lips. “It’s impossible not to fall in love with you,
Faraday,” I chuckled, taking my lip between my teeth as his thumb rubbed my

“I could say
the same for you, Ms. L/N,” He smiled, leaning down, pressing a kiss to my
lips, my eyes widening as my heartbeat began pounding against my chest. My eyes
flutter shut, gripping his vest in my hands, moving my lips against his,
kissing him back. He pulled away from my lips, a smile on his lips, “I wasn’t
supposed to fall in love, but I did, with you,” Josh whispered, glancing down
at my lips once more before I pulled his face down towards mine, pressing our
lips together again. His hands were on my cheeks, head tilted to the side as we
put all our passion into this one kiss, pressing me against the wooden

happened? Why’d you leave?” I asked once we pulled away again, resting my
forehead against his as I felt his breath hit my face.

“Those guys we
played cards with figured out I cheated and they were after me. I’m so sorry I
left you without a note. I thought you’d be better off without me,” He
muttered, looking into my eyes and I shook my head, resting my hands against
his cheeks.

“No, no. I
can’t live without you, Josh,” I took his hand in mine, intertwining our
fingers. “We’re in this together, alright?” I asked and he nodded his head, smiling
down at me. I pecked his lips, biting my lip as I began leading him back into
the saloon. “Now, c’mon. Let’s go play some cards,” I winked at him and he laid
a hand on my waist, smirking as we walked back into the saloon, ready to take
some people’s money.