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Ultra Europe DJ Contest

Ultra Europe DJ Contest :


Please, visit the given link, go under REST OF THE WORLD and find the mix labeled BST Ultra Europe DJ Contest Mix.
Please, every vote counts.
I can be given a life time opportunity playing Ultra Europe this year and I womt rest until I get into the top 20.

Please, help me out. 🙏
I have 8000 followers.
Even if just half of them vote im already a winner so please, stand together and help a dreamer.

Thank you so much in forward for leaving a vote.❤️❤️❤️

Please, dear Tumblrs, help me out.

Please, dear Tumblrs, help me out. :

On this link there is a photo on facebook. Please, like the photo to give me the chance to DJ at a party in my hometown.
Deadline for the contest is 28.4.2018.
I would be so happy if you could give me the posibility of helping a fellow human being out, chasing his dream.