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Please, dear Tumblrs, help me out.

Please, dear Tumblrs, help me out. :

On this link there is a photo on facebook. Please, like the photo to give me the chance to DJ at a party in my hometown.
Deadline for the contest is 28.4.2018.
I would be so happy if you could give me the posibility of helping a fellow human being out, chasing his dream.



Chris Pratt at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards – 9th April 2016


Attention my dear followers.

I need your help.

Click on the link below and please leave a like under my picture as i desperately need to win in a DJ contest i am participating in.

Please and thank you so much

I need your help.

I need your help. :

Please, my dear followers, click on the link and please like the photo to help me win the DJ contest.( the photo with the white christmas tree) Your support will mean the world to me.
Thank you so much. 😍❤️❤️❤️